Simulation Seminar

On completion of this introductory module the participant will have knowledge of the context of simulation in Australia, be able to apply fundamental simulation concepts to their workplaces, and be able to utilise resources and links available to simulation professionals in Australia. The seminar covers:


  • Introduction to the Simulation Australia
  • "Modelling" and "Simulation" - definitions
  • History of simulation
  • Why use modelling and simulation?
  • Forms of simulation
  • Range of applications


Fundamental Concepts in Simulation

  • Fidelity
  • Resolution
  • Simulation and Human Behaviour
  • Effective Deployment
  • Simulation Standards
  • Simulation Specifications


Resources/Links Available to Simulation Professionals

  • The Simulation Australia Guide to Simulation Professional Skills Development in Australia
  • The Simulation Australia Professional Certification Framework
  • Organisations and Events relevant to Simulation

See calendar of events for upcoming ISA Seminars.

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