Corporate Member

Organisation:Simulinc Pty Ltd
Divisions:Defence, Learning & Development / Human Factors, Transport


Simulinc specialises in the evaluation of, and training for evaluation of Flight Synthetic Training Devices (FSTD). Simulinc can also provide advice in the use of these devices, and on validity of synthetic devices used in areas other than flight training. Simulinc can conduct an evaluation of a Flight Synthetic Training Device (FSTD), for both Initial and Recurrent Checking.

Simulinc’s training courses have formal Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) approval. Students attend from many countries and the graduates are recognised by their appropriate aviation regulator as competent to act as a team member for on-site FSTD testing and evaluation. They currently have two courses, and can also customise a training course at a customer’s facility, developed to meet specific training needs.

The Simulinc staff have over 30 years experience with flight simulators and flight simulator standards. The staff have current practice with both initial and recurrent evaluations with Level D (Zero Flight Time) Full Flight Simulators and with Flight Training Devices. They not only understand the latest publications from ICAO, Europe and the FAA, they understand the background and debates which shaped them. 

Simulinc’s experience makes it well positioned to inform and advise on simulator standards and requirements at both International and National Levels.