Corporate Member

Organisation:Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance (RESA)
Divisions:Learning & Development / Human Factors, Modelling & Decision Support, Resources & Infrastructure, Transport


The Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance (RESA) was established in 2007 to collaborate between industry and the SA State Government as a strategic response to skills shortages in the Resources sector.

RESA joins forces with stakeholders to address:

  • Skills and training needs
  • Workforce planning
  • Workforce development
  • Retention strategies, and
  • Act as an advocate for the resource sector


RESA identify the gaps in the skilled workforce and find ways to fill them by conducting programs that provide skills and training opportunities and encourage new workers into the resources sector. By conducting programs that provide skills and training opportunities; they aim to retain existing workers and encourage new employees into the resources sector.

RESA also completes research, contributes to policy development and facilitates, brokers and manages the delivery of projects to increase the number of skilled people in the sector.