Simulation Achievement Award

The Simulation Achievement Award is for significant contribution to the advancement of modelling and simulation within Australasia.

2013 Achievement Award Recipient - Dr Kerry Reid-Searl

Dr Kerry Reid-Searl has developed a unique humanistic simulation process called Mask-Ed (KRS simulation). With human-like silicone props she creates a platform to engage, inspire and motivate students to learn. Kerry has researched and developed the teaching approach, published findings, implemented the technique in national and international institutions, delivered conference papers and keynote addresses, designed resources, and transferred the strategy to other colleagues and health disciplines.

In 2006 Kerry had a vision to create a more realistic simulation learning environment in the context of the university laboratory which would enable nursing students to learn to care for the patient and their body. After a period of trialling hard faced masks she then moved to work with silicone masks and later elaborate props which would allow a hidden educator to become the patient in need of care. Kerry then articulated the technique for delivery to educators in multiple disciplines. Workbooks were created and workshops delivered training across Australia.

This has resulted in implementation of the technique in more than 7 tertiary settings in Australia, one in the USA and in 2014 Masters work-shops will be implemented in the UK. The technique has spread to disciplines including nursing, paramedics, medical imaging, sonography, physiotherapy and social work. The process has been subject to continuous evaluation and research for improvement, as evidenced by journal articles and a demand for training. This work has opened a new field in simulation. It is a humanistic and real approach which suspends learners in disbelief as, hidden behind props; quality learning is facilitated by disciplinary experts.

Dr Kerry Reid-Searl with Phil Swadling (Deputy Chairman for Simulation Australia)

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