Ray Page Lifetime Simulation Achievement Award

The Ray Page Lifetime Simulation Achievement Award is presented in recognition of an outstanding contribution, made over an extended period of time, to the advancement of modelling and simulation within Australasia.

The award is named after the inaugural winner, Mr Ray Page, who spent his career advancing the use of flight simulators and leading the development of international standards whilst at Qantas, and then as the founding Chairman of the then Simulation Industry Association of Australia (SIAA).

This is a prestigious award, and is only presented if a candidate meeting the criteria is nominated.

Recent Recipients

2014 Ray Page Award Recipient – Professor Debra Nestel

For over thirty years, Professor Debra Nestel has demonstrated vision, integrity and leadership through her commitment to healthcare simulation education and research. She has developed an approach to learning, teaching and assessing clinical skills – ‘patient-focused simulation’ – that is now adopted internationally, Debra has raised the profile of simulated patients in healthcare professions education and has led a unique initiative – a national training program for simulation educators.

Professor Debra Nestel with Adrian Smith (Chairman for Simulation Australia)

2013 Ray Page Award Recipient - Professor John R. Sturgul

Professor John R Sturgul’s association with the Australian mining industry and Australian simulation education began over 42 years ago when he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship (Senior Scholar). This was to lecture at the University of Queensland in 1972. During this year, John was able to travel extensively throughout Australia and lecture on Computer Applications in Mining at different venues under the auspicious of the Australian Mining Foundation.

In 1975 John was a Lecturer at the University of Melbourne in their mining department where his topic was Operations Research in Mining (including simulation which became his first love). This was a during a year’s study leave from the University of Arizona. John was appointed Professor of Mining Engineering at the SA Institute of Technology, Adelaide, in 1982 and remained there for 10 years. During this period he began to simulate mining operations in Australia and began incorporating this work into his lectures on Mine Design. John was the one of first (if not the first) person in Australia to do such simulations and published extensively on the subject during this time. He presented numerous papers at conferences throughout Australia. He presented short courses on the subject of mine simulation at different venues throughout Australia. He began his consulting practice modeling mines throughout Australia.

In 2008 John was appointed Professor of Mining Engineering at the University of Adelaide and currently teaches Mine Simulation and Animation to a class of around 50 students. The University of Adelaide is a partner in an organisation known as Mining Education Australia (MEA) and John’s mine simulation and animation course is part of this program so all students across 4 universities will learn from his books.

Professor John R. Sturgul with Mr Ray Page and Phil Swadling (Deputy Chairman for Simulation Australia)

Previous Ray Page Award Recipients

  • 2012 - Professor Tony Jakeman
  • 2011 - Alan Johnson
  • 2006 - Lucien Zalcman
  • 2005 - Ray Page