Best Paper Award

Simulation Australasia presents a Best Paper award each year at SimTecT for the paper that best addresses the themes of each conference, contributes to the value of the conference proceedings, providing new ideas and /or innovative approaches to the diverse field of simulation. Each year the winner of the Best Paper Award is a guest of I/ITSEC in Orlando and presents their SimTecT paper in a special panel session. The Paper Review Committee can also select one or more Best Student Paper awards. This entitles the winners to present a further paper at the next SimTecT conference.

Recent Recipients

2015 Best Paper Award

Presented to Dr Amanda Davies and Hayden Sargent for their paper “Reflecting And Gaining Wisdom: A Self-Assessment Rubric Model For Optimising Simulation Based Learning".

2015 Best Student Paper Award

Presented to William Crowe for his paper “The Potential For Games Engines To Simulate Dynamics About An Asteroid".

2014 Best Paper Award

Presented to Jess Parker and Ronan McInerney for their paper “A Comparison of Visual Display Systems for a Low-Cost Mission Training Flight Simulator".

2014 Best Student Paper Award

Presented to Yang Pei for his paper "Analysis of Monte-Carlo Simulation on Helicopter Accidents Caused by Engine Failure".